Department Directory


Chief Executive Officer
Maria Bledsoe
(407) 985-3561

Executive Assistant
Karla Pease
(407) 985-3561

Contracts, Procurement, and Compliance

Our Contracts Team manages the subcontractor contracts across our system of care. This includes being the primary points of contact, negotiating, monitoring and maintaining compliance with administrative and programmatic terms and conditions of the contract. The contract managers ensure accountability for the contract and services.

Central Florida Care’s Compliance Quality Improvement (CQI) team is responsible for developing, implementing, and quality assurance of the network with priority given to those areas that impact persons served and their families. As such, CFCHS systematically monitors and evaluates subcontractor services with the aim of improving the process, outcome, and efficiency of integrated healthcare services delivered to consumers. Quality Assurance takes place through a variety of methods.

Chief Operating Officer
Trinity Schwab
(407) 985-3564

Contract Management Supervisor
Spenser Strode
(407) 985-3578

Contract Manager
Dannielle Hart
(407) 735-6121

Contract Manager
Rummy Miranda
(407) 985-3569

Director of Compliance
Geovanna Gonzalez Ospina
(407) 985-3568

Risk Management Specialist
Miralys Martinez
(407) 985-3572


Our Data Department performs the following functions:
• Collect, verify and report client data to the state in compliance with DCF Data Pamphlet (PAM) 155-2;
• Generate reports for management decision making;
• Provide data and reports to support all other departments and stakeholders, including the Board of Directors;
• Provide outcomes to providers for management purposes and to the community in general;
• Represent CFCHS provider network in DCF Meetings;
• Coordinate with data system company for input in development, enhancements, and all that is required to meet CFCHS obligations;
• Manage information technology resources for the organization.

Chief Information Officer
Michael Lupton
(407) 985-3565

Data Specialist
Christopher Chung
(407) 985-3575


 Our Finance Department manages all aspects of our budget, accounting, auditing, financial reporting, and fiscal monitoring functions.

Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Nye
(407) 985-3562

Senior Accountant
Sharon Ramsaran
(407) 985-3574

Human Resources

The Human Resources Generalist manages our human resources activities and programs, including those related to staffing, compensation, benefits, training and workplace safety.

Human Resources Generalist
Valentina Melnichuk
(407) 985-3573

System of Care Services

The System of Care Department oversees the access and coordination of behavioral health services across our network for adults, children, adolescents, and families.

Chief Integration Officer
Nikaury Muñoz
(407) 985-3570

System of Care Manager
Stephanie Smith
(407) 985-3567

Adult Behavioral Health Specialist

Our Adult Behavioral Health Specialist is responsible for overseeing the coordination of care for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness who have been committed to a State Mental Health Treatment Facility (SMHTF) or at-risk of civil commitment.

Adult Behavioral Health Specialist

Children’s Behavioral Health/TANF Specialist

 Our Children’s Behavioral Health/TANF Specialist is responsible for managing Youth Mental Health and Substance Use services to include Residential Treatment/SIPP.

Children’s Behavioral Health/TANF Specialist
Elisa Bustamante
(407) 985-3576

Care Coordination Specialist

Our Care Coordination Specialist is responsible for overseeing services to adults with mental health and/or substance use disorder who demonstrate high utilization of acute care services, including crisis stabilization, inpatient, and inpatient detoxification services.

Care Coordination Specialist

Forensic Coordinator

Our Forensic Coordinator is responsible for overseeing forensic services within CFCHS’ subcontracted network, to include the continuity of care for individuals transferring into or out of a forensic State Mental Health Treatment Facility (SMHTF).

Forensic Coordinator


Our Housing Specialist is responsible for providing education and guidance on housing models, available community resources and participates in efforts to facilitate access to affordable, least restrictive housing for persons with behavioral health disorders.

Housing Specialist
Colleen Cantin
(407) 985-3566

Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) Specialist

Our Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) Specialist is responsible for promoting and advocating for the inclusion of Recovery Peer Specialists and peer services throughout the network, including quality assurance site visits and trainings to implement recovery-oriented principles and practices.

Recovery Oriented System of Care (ROSC) Specialist
Maria Iddings
(407) 985-3579